Frequently asked questions

Yes. We do sell wholesale to retail stores, pool rooms and the cue repair industry.


You may apply be filling out our dealer registration form found here


Yes we do. Please fill contact us to become an International Distributer.

No, we prefer you purchase it from your local distributor.

In short, the "Ultra-X" High Performance Shaft© will give you greater consistency due to the cross grain lamination technology. The shaft produces less cue ball deflection than conventional shafts without sacrificing cue ball control and feel.

No. We have many options for the Ultra-X, Ultra-X LD or Pro-X Laminated Shafts©. Shafts are available in five joint options and 2 Custom options. Depending on the type of cue you have we should have a shaft that will screw right on your existing handle. Alternatively you can buy a Partial shaft that has no joint work done and have that shaft custom fit to your cue.

We offer the following joint types:
. 5/16x14
. 5/16-18
. 3/8-10
. 3/8-Radial Uni-Loc©
. Uni-Loc©
. Partial
. Blank (in dowel form)*

All of which are available in the following styles:
. Single black Phenolic Ring
. Black Phenolic with single silver ring
. No Ring - "Sneaky Pete Style"
*Blanks are only available through wholesale and distribution.

YES! See above.

NO RETURN, NO CREDIT & NO REFUND on custom made shafts. Only an exchange if it is under warranty.

Shafts are available in either a 29 inch or 30 inch length.

Ultra shafts are available only in 12.75mm tip diameter, Pro-X 11.75mm.

Many pro players play with Tiger including: Dennis Orcullo, Warren Kiamco, Geronimo, Christina De La Garza, John Schmidt, Shawn Putnam, Jamie Baraks, Chris Szuter, Corey Harper, Danny Harriman, Rudolpho Luat, Louis Ulrich, Troy Frank, Melissa Morris, Melissa Herndon and many more!

The "X" Shafts© are warranted for life against any manufacturer defect. This does not include warpage or abuse. The limited lifetime warranty covers the ferrule against cracking and the lamination is covered against separation.

If you use your "X" shafts as a break shaft, then any problems caused from the break will not be covered by the limited warranty (ferrule, tip, etc.). The Tiger X series shaft is intended for playing and not for break. Only a specific shaft that is made for break will be under limited warranty at all times.

You can have your shaft turned down but not more than .25mm. If it is turned down below, it will no longer be under any warranty.

Yes. You can have a reputable cuesmith replace tips, clean your shaft and remove dings as necessary without any trouble at all. However, the Tiger Ferrule is a patented design and replacements are only available direct from the factory.

We recommend using the Tiger® Shaft Smoother and Burnisher to keeping your shaft smooth and dirt free. We do not recommend sanding of your shaft to clean it as this will just shorten the life of your shaft. Please refrain from exposing shafts to excessive moisture.

No. Only if it's one of Tiger laminated cue tips!!! All "X" Series Shafts© come with the #1 laminated tips in the business, Onyx or Sniper© Laminated Cue Tips!

The Onyx and Sniper© tips are arguably the most consistent Laminated Cue Tips in the world! They do not mushroom and play the same on replacement day as they do the day you installed it. Used by many world champions including Darren "Dynamite" Appleton, Tiger Tips are the best in the world.

Efren Reyes, Darren Appleton, Rudolpho Luat, Shawn Putnam, Mike Davis, Danny Harriman, Tony Crosby, Rodney Morris, Nick Nikolaidis, Corey, Louis Ulrich, Stefano Pelinga, Mike Massey, Warren Kiamco, Dennis Orcollo, Pedro Piedrabuena, Geronimo, Francisco Bustamante, Paul Potier, Ernesto Dominguez, Robb Saez, Tiffany Nelson, Ikumi Ushiroda, Max Eberle and many, many more!

We strongly recommend you have a professional cuesmith install your laminated cue tip. If you choose to do so yourself, roughen the back (glue side, it is stamped with an embossed initial or black if a Sniper) side of the cue tip with sandpaper, apply a drop of Tiger (or other CA type glue) to the sanded side and rub the tip (glue side) on the sanded and cleaned ferrule to spread the glue, center the tip on the ferrule and let it set for 15 seconds. Moisten the sides of the tip and trim to fit with a single edge blade (be careful!!!). Then shape the tip to your preference and your tip is ready to be played with. Enjoy!

Ship your cue directly to Tiger or ask your local cuesmith.

Our turnaround time is usually between 2-3 business day to receive, wrap and ship the cue back. Ground shipping is included in the cost of the wrap. If you'd like expedited shipping, please include a note stating such and we will contact you to take care of the additional cost.

Tiger's Products, Inc. is located in beautiful Burbank, CA USA where all items are manufactured.

Tiger's Products, Inc. offers leather die cutting ( wraps) and skiving (shaving) services to cue makers & manufacturers. All die cut items are packaged maximum of 60 pound size boxes. Maximum $1000.00 insurance per box & UPS Ground service is used by Tiger. For additional insurance or different method of shipping, customer is responsible to let Tiger know the details in advance. Additional shipping and handling charges do apply.

We accept Credit Card Payments (Visa, MasterCard, Amex. & Discover), Checks (your order's shipment will be held pending bank clearance) and Money orders. Through our website, we only accept Credit Card payments.


We ship UPS Insured Ground Delivery unless you specify otherwise.

Shipping costs can be calculated by the online store at checkout.

If the item you ordered is currently in inventory, we will ship it the next business day. Unless otherwise specified, we will ship your order UPS ground from Burbank, Ca (Due to the extensive labor and curing times involved with our products, we do experience back orders from time to time. If your item is currently back ordered, you will be notified by email with the estimated ship date).


Yes. All your information will only be used for Tiger Products. Your customer information is held in the deepest of confidence and privacy.

Tiger Products has been in business since 1988. We have been supplying much of the billiards industry for many years. We are a voting member of Billiard Congress of America and American Cuemakers Association.