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Fortis CLD- Carbon Fiber Shaft

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The limit does not exist with Tiger’s Fortis Carbon Fiber shafts for Carom. As one of the most powerful, solid hitting and lowest deflection shafts on the market, the Fortis offers great feedback, a solid hit and the consistency of Carbon. Naturally finished, the Fortis has a very sleek and consistent appearance and aids the player in getting a better slide on each shot. The consistency of the carbon adds confidence to each play especially with long shots. No need to worry about dry heat or extra moisture!

The Fortis CLD Carbon Fiber shaft is designed with a low deflection technology that minimizes the amount of cue ball deflection, allowing you to hit your shots with more English, power and precision. Additionally, the European Conical taper and 12 mm tip size provide a solid feel and enhance accuracy, giving you the confidence, you need to take your game to the next level.

The Fortis Carom Carbon Fiber Shafts are the only choice for players looking for power and precision on the table. Engineered to offer unparalleled power, solid feel, and accuracy they are a must-have for serious carom players.

All Tiger shafts are proudly made in the USA.





    • Available Joint Options -Tiger, 5/16(14), 3/8(10), Radial, Schuler, Adams, Longoni (Wood to Wood), Hanbat (Wood to Wood & Radial Piloted) and Uni-Loc Q-release. Other custom joints may be available upon request.
    • Standard Cue TipOnyx-LTD 12mm
    • Ferrule - IB+ 
    • Taper - European Conical Taper. 
    • Length - Standard 27” Also available in 28”