The Best Cues for Your Game: A Guide

Pool and Billiards are more than just leisurely pastimes; they're a true art form that demand skill, precision, and a keen eye. One essential element in perfecting your game is selecting the right cue. So where do you start and how do you pick the cue that’s right for your game? We’ve got you covered!

In this guide, we’ll explore the Tiger Cue line up that will take your game to the next level! Over the last 27 years, Tiger has made a name for itself as being the manufacturer of the best laminated cue tips on the market, known for winning championships and setting world records, but did you know Tiger makes some of the best cues and shafts as well? With cutting-edge technology and incredible craftsmanship all done in-house in Burbank, California, Tiger makes premium hand-crafted cues that are sure to elevate your game! 

E Series: A Solid Start

Tiger's E Series cues are the perfect choice for players who want a premium, hand crafted cue at a more affordable price point. Crafted from a solid piece of quality Canadian hard rock maple, the E Series is available in six vibrant colors and individually hand stained by Tiger’s master craftsman. Finished with Aerospace UV clear and polished to perfection, the E Series is one of the best premium cues at its price point hands down. Featuring an extra long pin for better balance and paired with Tiger’s world renowned 5X core patented shafts, the E Series proves a great cue doesn't have to be complicated. 


Traveler Series and Classic 2 Cues: Aesthetic Excellence Meets Performance

For players seeking both functionality and beauty in their cues, Tiger's Traveler Series and Classic 2 Cues are the perfect fit. The naturally timeless Classic 2 series are made from hand selected Bocote and Natural Bird’s Eye Maple cues showcasing the wood’s natural grains while delivering the consistent performance that players demand. The Traveler Series is a stylized Sneaky Pete series that features a variety of spliced points, trimmed accents and quality woods. Bother series are cored with Tiger’s signature 5X patented technology and paired with Tiger’s championship-winning Tiger Shafts. The Classic 2 Series and Traveler Series cues are designed to enhance your game and elevate your style, providing the perfect balance between form and function.

X2 and Butterfly Series: Artistry Meets Excellence

If you're looking for cues that are a true work of art, both on and off the table, Tiger's X2 and Butterfly Series are designed with you in mind. The X2 series boasts originality and features an exotic mix of Curly Maple and Cocobolo woods, standing out from the crowd. The Butterfly Series features a variety of Sev/Spitak wood combinations with colored butterfly veneers. Both cue series’ feature original, handcrafted designs that are sure to turn heads. While they are undoubtedly visually stunning, they also offer top-notch performance, ensuring that your game is as impressive as your cue. Paired with Tiger’s world renowned shafts and cored with the 5X Patented Technology, these cues will make a statement and transform your game.

HD Series: The Choice of Champions

Tiger's HD Series cues are the choice of professionals and world champions, including the likes of World Champion and BCA Hall of Famer Darren "Dynamite" Appleton and 3 Cushion Champion Pedro Piedrabuena. Using premium materials such as ebony, elfyorn, cocobolo and amboyna burl, these cues are a testament to Tiger's commitment to excellence. Crafted with precision and utilizing cutting-edge technology, the HD Series guarantees unrivaled performance that can take your game to championship levels. When you play with an HD Series cue, you're in the company of champions.

Your cue is an extension of yourself. It's a reflection of your commitment to the game and your desire to perform at your best. At Tiger, we understand this better than anyone, that’s why we offer a diverse range of cues to cater to players at every stage of their journey. From the solid foundation of the E Series to the artistic brilliance of the X2 and Butterfly Series, and the championship-level performance of the HD Series, Tiger cues are handcrafted Made in USA premium products designed to help you take your game to the next level.

When you choose a Tiger cue, you're choosing the best in the market – cues that combine tradition, innovation, and performance. Visit today and discover the cue that will enhance your game and make a statement both on and off the table. Elevate your game with Tiger, where craftsmanship and technology unite!

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